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FAQs 常见问题


1. Do you have a shop or any branch? 请问您的分行在哪里,请问有店面吗?

Since founded in 2015, TIARA's core believe is to design and make Feng Shui jewelry that is AFFORDABLE. Every products we make are designed and produced by us exclusively. One way of making it affordable is through online selling, we cut unnecessary fixed cost and give all value back to you, our customer. Currently we have no branch or retail shop, all our products are sold through online only.


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2. Do you have ready stock? 请问你们有现货吗?

Our ring products are custom made to your ring size and usually made according to your preferred crystal colour. Therefore we do not keep any ready stock for custom made ring product. For products which doesn't require customization such as Pendant and Bracelet, we will have ready stock based on availability and will beship immediately.


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3. How to buy from you, what kind of payment method available? 请问如何购买呢,有哪种付款方式?

We encourage customer to place order directly here through www.tiarajewelry.net, however if you prefer to place order through phone or email kindly contact us at +6019-9636333 or [email protected] We accept bank in to our Malaysia bank account, credit card and paypal. 

我们鼓励您在此 www.tiarajewelry.net 直接下定,如果有需要您可以联络我们 +6019-9636333 或者 [email protected]下定,我们接受汇款到我们的银行,信用卡或PayPal.

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4. How to measure ring size? 请问如何测量戒指尺寸?

We accept measurement based on HK RING SIZE. If you need to convert other ring size to HK RING SIZE kindly contact our customer service, we are more than happy to assist you. For detailed measurement method, kindly go to our ring size guide HERE.

我们使用的戒指尺寸为 HK 香港尺寸(马来西亚通用),如果您有问题可以马上联络我们的客服。戒指尺寸测量方式请参考这里

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5. What is gold plated? Are those gold real? 请问什么是镀金,你们用的是真金吗?

Gold Plating is a process of putting a layer of Real GOLD onto a material surface such as silver. All our products are gold plated on S925 Silver. The purity of gold such as 20K Gold is 83.5% Gold, 22K Gold is 91.6% Gold and 24K Gold is 99.9% Gold. 

镀金是在原本底料,比如银的表面上,涂上一层金,称为镀金,我们的产品都是在原有S925 真银上面镀上一层金,全部金都保证是真金。20K金为83.5%金,22K金为91.6%金,24K金为99.9%金。

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6. Will the gold colour fade? 请问会掉色吗?

Gold plated will wear out due to everyday wear and tear; therefore it is inevitable that the colour of Gold will fade. However if you choose to have White Gold plated, colour fade will be less noticeable as it’s very near to the colour of silver. We ensure you that our plating is of highest quality and thickness; therefore it is unlikely that it will wear out with normal wear in 1 year period. We suggest that you pick white gold version if you are worried about colour fading. However, you can always send back the product for servicing whenever you need.

镀金的意思是在银表面镀上一层真金,由于底料是银(颜色不同)所以难免长时间下来镀金会慢慢变薄,所以形成所谓褪色。镀金产品褪色难免,不过也不是那么容易,TIARA产品在 1年 内正常使用都不会容易褪色。

如果担心褪色的朋友可以选择镀白金,白金和银的颜色一样,所以是不会变色的。TIARA 所有产品都可以做保养,如果有刮伤/褪色/变淡的情况,都可以送回来我们这边做保养,只需少许费用就可以恢复新的一样。

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7. Shipping and Delivery 运送以及邮费

We usually ship within Malaysia using either PosLaju, GDex Express or AirPak Express. We ship to Singapore using DHL, FEDEX or GDex based on availability. For International shipping, we either ship using normal registered mail (up to 21 working days to deliver) or Express Mail through DHL, FEDEX or GDex. Kindly check the postage cost during check out. All shipments are insured to the value of the item except for normal registered mail.

马来西亚本地配送使用 Poslaju, GDex 或 Airpak Express. 新加坡配送使用 DHL, FEDEX 或 GDEX. 国际配送使用普通邮件(21天以上抵达)或快递DHL, FEDEX 或 GDEX. 所有邮费含保险,所以无需担心丢失,除了国际普通邮件之外。

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8. Taking care of Gold Plated jewelry 镀金饰品保养

TIARA provides our product warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for 12 MONTHS from the original purchase date or delivery date as stated in the purchase receipt. During this period, we will repair or replace the product in accordance to our evaluation. 

We also provide our customer with jewellery maintenance service such as replating and polishing. Please contact customer service for cost if you need to service your product.

TIARA 提供所有我们售卖的产品 1 年的保固期限,保固的范围是制造的缺陷或疏忽,详情请参购买单据。在保固期间所有受保的维修费免费。


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9. Warranty and Service 保固以及保养

Tips of taking care your Gold Plated Jewellery:

  1. Prevent friction or rubbing - (Take off your ring when you are doing hard work)
  2. Prevent contact of chemical compound (Washing liquid, Perfume, Soap, Alcohol and etc)
  3. Take off ring while sweating heavily, wash with clean water after contact with sweat.
  4. Keep it dry and clean before storing.


  1. 尽量避免摩擦,摩擦会把金抹掉(做粗工的时候尽量把戒指脱下)
  2. 尽量避免与化学物质接触(肥皂,酒精,洗碗液,化妆品之类的)
  3. 有些顾客的汗水比较酸,所以要避免在流大汗的时候佩戴。
  4. 长期收藏前,确保饰品用清水冲洗,晾干后,包在一块布里收藏起来。
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